Diabetic Care

Diabetes is a very common disease, which affects people of different ages. Regardless of whether the disease is hereditary or acquired, an increased level of sugar in the blood can give a person a lot of inconveniences. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely get rid of this disease. But it is quite real to maintain your body in a comfortable state!

Fox’s Drugstore as a specialized drugstore

Our drugstore offers a wide range of diabetic products that are affordable to practically everyone in need.

We managed to collect the most complete set of products that can be useful to this category of people. You can purchase from Fox’s Drugstore:

  • Catheters;
  • Glucose meters;
  • Syringe pens;
  • Thermo bag for syringe pens and insulin;
  • Treats for people with high blood sugar levels.

And this is not a complete list of what we can provide to our customers by making their everyday life comfortable and safe.

Why is it safer with us?

Choosing our drugstore, the client enjoys a set of advantages, including:

  1. Wide range. Our store is not an ordinary pharmacy but a specialized store which is aimed at serving people with health problems. Accordingly, the set of specialized products is comprehensive.
  2. Speedy delivery. We deliver orders even to remote parts of the country.
  3. Lower prices and high quality. The company cooperates directly with the manufacturer, which allows it to avoid the help of intermediaries and extra margins. Accordingly, we are able to offer affordable prices and high-quality products.
  4. Online ordering. All items offered in the catalog are always in stock. Therefore, you can easily buy diabetic products online without leaving your home. We value the time of our customers, so you can place very quickly.
  5. If necessary, buyers can always contact us for help. A specialist will answer all questions regarding the cost and characteristics of products and help determine the choice of the desired product.

Healthcare that Cares

More than prescriptions, we are committed to your health.