Collaborating with your doctor for better healthcare, Fox’s Drugstore provides consultative services. We know everything about drugs and natural supplements.

This is how our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) works. It is teamwork between a patient, a druggist and other medical practitioners to ensure the risk-free and successful use of drugs. MTM is intended to allow you reach the best outcomes in your therapy plan. We offer a range of services designed to help you:

  • Feel safe – by learning how to reduce or even avoid negative side effects;
  • Stay informative – about getting the greatest effect from your treatment;
  • Pay less – by finding cheaper analogs to prescribed expensive medical products.

During the dialogue, our specialist will review your treatment plan and provide comprehensive advice regarding the drugs you will be using. From beginning to end of your treatment, our caring medical experts will collaborate with you, so you will be able to get support and to benefit from your therapy.

Healthcare that Cares

More than prescriptions, we are committed to your health.