ED Connected to Artery Problems

ED Connected to Artery Problems

Erectile dysfunction is amongst the most commonly found problems in men- and over 40% of the total male population worldwide has the inability to either achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Fox’s Drugstore offers many effective ED medications that can help one get rid of the symptoms of ED and enjoy a normal sex life, research continues to be driven in this area. Now, the latest studies have come ahead to suggest that erectile problems may have a link with heart diseases. The process behind them may just be the same, and erectile dysfunction may just be a symptom of heart disease. It also suggested that getting the right treatment for heart disease could be effective in taking care of ED as well. This also means that those with impotence could be at a risk for other diseases as well.

Until now, erectile dysfunction was thought to be a precursor to heart problems due to:

  • involved atherosclerosis;
  • plaque-buildup in the arteries.

This plaque buildup was considered to be behind the reduced blood flow to the penis, which made achieving and maintaining an erection difficult. However, now experts believe that the reason for ED occurring before heart disease is more likely due to the inner lining of blood vessels (endothelium) and smooth muscle malfunctioning. This causes an inadequate supply of blood to heart, which consequently hinders blood flow to the penis and helps in the further development of atherosclerosis. However- how strong this connection is, there is a different question altogether. Contact us to get meds used to treat many symptoms of heart and erectile problems.

ED is not always an indication of heart disease- and any male who suffers from it – has no causes like trauma or indications of heart disease should be screened before any treatment is given. The two share a number of risk factors that could serve as an indicator. Diabetes is one of the firsts, and men who have it are at a high risk of both.

Both heart disease and erectile dysfunction have a number of common risk factors, including but not limited to:

  • Tobacco use: Smoking or tobacco consumption puts men at a higher risk of vascular disease and is also a leading cause of impotence;
  • Diabetes: Diabetic men have a higher risk of heart disease as well as erectile dysfunction;
  • High Blood Pressure: Over time, having high blood pressure damages the inner lining of one’s arteries, thus accelerating the onset of vascular disease. Medications taken to control high blood pressure, like thiazide diuretics, can cause sexual dysfunction;
  • Alcohol Consumption: There is no doubt about the link between heart disease and alcohol consumption. Additionally, it is also known to contribute to other causes of heart disease as well as impair erections;
  • Age: With age, erections may not only take longer to form, but would also be not as firm. Thus, for younger men, erectile dysfunction may be a signal of heart disease. Those younger than 50 are at a higher risk, while men above the age of 70 are less likely to have ED linked to heart disease;
  • Low Testosterone: Those with lower levels of testosterone have a higher rate of impotence as well as heart disease, in comparison to men who have normal levels of testosterone.

For those who already have ED but are taking medications without consulting a physician first, it may be time to stop and do the needful. For those whose doctor believes that there may be a risk of heart disease, the first step should be to make some lifestyle changes.

This includes:

  • increasing physical activity;
  • controlling one’s weight;
  • alcohol/tobacco consumption;
  • stopping addictive substances consumption.

Further tests may be required and advised to be sure of the same. For those who have both heart disease and ED, a doctor may be able to provide the best treatment options. Heart medications, such as nitrates, are not suitable for use with common ED medications like Cialis and Viagra. There are safer alternatives for curing impotence, but none should be taken without consulting a physician.

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