Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction, or partial impotence, is one of the greatest male fears. After all, the man’s ability to satisfy his partner is considered a sign of his strength.

This problem can occur at any age and in completely healthy men. Almost every man at least once in his life faced difficulty achieving an erection. A similar problem can be caused both by stress, hard work, many complexes, and low self-esteem, but this is not a pathology, it can be corrected.

Main types of erectile dysfunction

There are two main types of this disease:

  1. Psychological ED. This problem is solved with the help of sexologists. The main feature is that it comes suddenly and periodically. It may depend on certain situations (first sexual intercourse, new sexual partner, etc.). In this case, erection can disappear during sexual intercourse. The disease is directly related to constant stress, depression, fears (pregnancy of a woman, fear of sexually transmitted infections). Another reason for psychological ED is the fear of sexual contact with a woman. Having failed in the first sexual contact once at a young age, a man loses confidence and thinks that all his other attempts are doomed to failure. Such a violation usually leads to the fact that a man can not maintain an erection during sexual intercourse and can experience premature ejaculation. This problem arises because of the psychological concentration of a man, which usually leads to a prolonged potency disorder;
  2. Organic ED develops due to substances or drugs that a man takes. These can be not only alcohol and drugs but also medicines that reduce pressure, hormonal drugs, antihistamines.

In addition, organic ED occurs in the following cases:

  • Reduced activity of the sexual glands;
  • A violated blood flow through the vessels and arteries;
  • Hypertonic disease, diabetes mellitus;
  • A result of the trauma of the spinal brain.

We remain you that you need to visit a specialist as soon as you notice the signs of organic or psychological ED. Do not delay the treatment, since this disease is progressive.

Symptoms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction

No erection. Very often this symptom occurs in those cases where pathological processes in the penis are severe.

Lack of erection is divided into two types:

  1. No adequate erection at all;
  2. No spontaneous night or morning erection.

If the man has a spontaneous night or morning erection but reduced or absent adequate erection, this is a sign of psychogenic ED.

  • The development of organic ED is characterized by a violated or absent, of both spontaneous and adequate erection. The main indicator of male health is morning erection. A healthy man experiences 4-6 erections overnight. The absence of morning erection is an indicator of sexual disorders;
  • Weak erection during sexual intercourse is a sign of a serious erectile problem. In very rare cases, it is the cause of psychogenic ED, more often – organic. Weak erection may be caused by the poor blood flow to the penis;
  • Premature ejaculation or ejection of a seed with incomplete erection is one of the symptoms of an erectile disorder.

If a man has one of these signs, he should consult a doctor. Only after consulting a specialist, it’s possible to choose the right course of treatment. And do not practice self-treatment.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Fox’s Drugstore recommends paying attention to the ways to improve potency: healthy lifestyle, no stress, regular sexual life, careful study of the drug instructions.

It is necessary to determine the underlying disease that caused a weak erection. The best treatment methods:

  1. LOD-therapy: LOD apparatus acts on the penis with the help of local negative pressure, causing bloodstream to enter the penis. As a result, a man is able to achieve an erection. This treatment procedure has been gaining momentum and gives good results of treatment;
  2. Introduction of special medications to the penis. Such treatment should be coordinated with the doctor, as it may cause a number of certain complications: hematomas on the penis, fibrosis of cavernous bodies. This kind of treatment is not very popular;
  3. Use of drugs that relax the smooth muscle of cavernous bodies (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra that you can buy online at Fox’s Drugstore);
  4. Penis prosthesis. This treatment method is very simple, but not quite comfortable if compared to other treatments. Such a prosthesis provides the penis with the rigidity necessary for sexual contact. The disadvantage of a prosthesis is that many patients have a low sexual adaptation to the prosthesis. But it also has advantages – low cost and high reliability.

Simple tips for eliminating psychogenic ED

  • To restore “male power”, you should quit smoking, limit alcohol and do not use drugs that reduce potency. The guarantee of good erection is proper sleep and rest. The basis for recovery is proper nutrition (see foods that boost testosterone) and daily physical activity;
  • Control your emotional state, try not to focus on problems. At the first signs of partial impotence, you should immediately consult a doctor and go through the examination. If your problems are insignificant, you can solve them with the help of certain drugs;
  • Everything must be controlled by the attending physician, the medicine should be taken according to his instructions. Visits a urologist no less than once a year;
  • If you want to get rid of psychological ED, you should seek help from a psychologist who will help overcome the fear of sexual intercourse. Such sessions will be most effective if your partner takes part in them. Read more tips on how to cure erectile dysfunction

Remember that impotence is not a verdict, it is quite easy to cure this condition, the main thing is to put the maximum effort to quickly recover your sexual health.

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