What Does Anxiety Medication Do?

What Does Anxiety Medication Do

Anti-anxiety medications are pills, drops, suspensions, tinctures, powders and decoctions that help people quickly calm down in a stressful situation. Sometimes it is enough to take them a couple of days, many drugs are non-prescription and can be recommended by a pharmacist. However, handshake, nervousness, feeling unwell and digestive disorders can be symptoms of serious illnesses. Therefore, instead of engaging in self-treatment, you’d better consult a doctor.

Taking sedatives is an “ambulance” for nerves. This will help solve the problem today but will not fix it tomorrow. To cope with life difficulties more effectively and to be as little nervous as possible, the help of a psychologist will be needed. Do not be embarrassed. A specialist will help to understand what caused the stress, teach you how to behave in critical situations, and help you to “work on mistakes”. As a result, you will look at the situation in a new way, increase your personal effectiveness, and will get more pleasure from life and everything that happens. You may even not need to take anti-anxiety drugs.

What happens after taking a sedative medication?

What happens after you take an anxiety medication? Within 10-30 minutes:

  1. the course of excitation processes slows down in the central nervous system, while the processes of inhibition increase. You calm down, an acute reaction to an irritant is replaced by indifference;
  2. the body copes with manifestations of stress – hand tremors pass, sweating disappears, the pulse slows down, spasms in the intestines pass, unpleasant sensations in the stomach. In the evening, it becomes easier to fall asleep, a healthy deep sleep comes.

There are drugs that can be taken by both children and adults. The list of medications permitted at a specific age depends on the type of nervous disorder and the method of its correction chosen by the doctor, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient.

In the treatment of neurosis, neurasthenia and other disorders, doctors combine powerful sedatives with psychiatric drugs. You must not take such medicines without a doctor’s advice, even if you can buy them at a pharmacy without a prescription.

Types of anxiety medication

Anti-anxiety medications are divided into:

  • Sedatives. These are natural sedatives on the basis of valerian, mint, lemon balm, motherwort, combination preparations. This group also includes drugs based on bromine;
  • Tranquilizers. These drugs affect the psyche. They are needed when a person needs to get rid of unmotivated anxiety, fear, emotional overstrain, diverse mental disorders;
  • Neuroleptics. These are strong sedatives that are used in psychiatry;
  • Normotimatic means. These are psychotropic drugs that doctors prescribe to patients with mental illness.

If you want to buy a good anti-anxiety medication without a prescription, Fox’s Drugstore recommends paying attention to a sedative. Compared with tranquilizers, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, these drugs are relatively harmless – they work gently, have a minimal amount of side effects. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to prolong the recommended course – you may develop an addiction to sedatives.

Remember: self-medication can harm your health. If you notice alarming symptoms, visit a doctor who will give professional advice and help to overcome the illness. Take care of your health!

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